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Date Published: 6 May

The Ultimate Guide to eProcurement on the Peppol Network

The exchange of business documents has been revolutionised since the 1970s with the advent of electronic data interchange (EDI), but the Peppol network, established in 2012, has uniquely addressed interoperability issues that previously hindered efficient cross-border eProcurement.

This secure, yet open international network facilitates the exchange of standardised e-documents across continents. Widely adopted in Europe and Asia-Pacific, and growing in North America, Peppol supports governmental and business entities in simplifying procurement across national borders.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Peppol
  2. Operational Mechanisms of Peppol
  3. Document Exchange through Peppol
  4. Initiating Peppol Connectivity for Your Business
  5. Global Reach of Peppol
  6. Anticipated Advancements in Peppol
  7. Optimising eProcurement with Capability Wise’s Expertise

Understanding Peppol

Peppol provides a set of specifications and technologies designed to facilitate electronic procurement across different jurisdictions. Managed by OpenPeppol, a non-profit organisation based in Belgium, it serves as a critical infrastructure for interoperable eProcurement, promoting streamlined processes and standardisation in international trade.

Operational Mechanisms of Peppol

The network operates on a '4-corner model' where trading partners can securely exchange documents through accredited service providers, known as access points. This innovative model ensures that once businesses connect to the network, they can interact with any other entity on the network, promoting a seamless, efficient, and secure document exchange environment.

Document Exchange through Peppol

Peppol supports a broad spectrum of business documents, from eInvoices to purchase orders and detailed service catalogues. This capability not only supports traditional procurement activities but also enables comprehensive, automated transactional processes, ensuring compliance with international standards.

Initiating Peppol Connectivity for Your Business

To participate in the Peppol network, businesses need to register for a Peppol ID through an accredited service provider. This registration allows businesses to send and receive a variety of documents securely and efficiently, aligning with global eProcurement protocols.

Global Reach of Peppol

Peppol's adoption spans across more than 32 European countries with expanding networks in Asia-Pacific, North America, and other regions. This extensive adoption underscores its effectiveness and reliability in facilitating digital trade and eProcurement on an international scale.

Anticipated Advancements in Peppol

Future developments include the introduction of the Peppol International Invoice (PINT) and a transition towards a '5-corner model' which incorporates a centralised tax platform. These advancements aim to enhance real-time transaction controls and improve compliance with varying international tax regulations.

Optimising eProcurement with Capability Wise’s Expertise

Adopting Peppol can significantly streamline your procurement processes. Capability Wise provides strategic consultation and implementation support to help businesses adapt to and capitalise on the benefits of Peppol. Our services facilitate a smooth transition and optimisation of your eProcurement strategies.


The Peppol network is transforming eProcurement, offering a robust, scalable solution for global business transactions. Engaging with the network through Capability Wise enables your business to leverage digital procurement technologies effectively.



  • Detailed table of Peppol-supported documents
  • Overview of Peppol and OpenPeppol
  • Key stakeholders in the Peppol network
  • Illustration of the Peppol 4-corner model

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