Getting started with electronic invoicing (e-invoicing)

Mon, 28 Sep 2020  

As e-invoicing specialists, the first question we often get asked “where do I start?”

With over 18 commercial e-invoicing Access Points accredited by the ATO in the last 12 months, “shouldn’t we just pick one and let them sort it out?”

I think we all truly know the answer to that question is… NO.

Maintaining the operational integrity of your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes is critical to the operation of your organisation. We have all see the horror stories of technology projects gone wrong. Queensland Health’s recent experience, and resulting $540m in late payments, highlights the need for structured, business-led approach to AR/AP transformation.

At Capability Wise we are both experts in e-invoicing technology standards and in digital transformation. This combination allows us to guide you through the process of:

  • Designing your AR/AP transformation and preparing a business case for executive endorsement,
  • Selecting the right e-invoicing Access Point provider to meet your business requirements,
  • Preparing your buyer and supplier networks for transition and on-boarding, and
  • Preparing your AR/AP teams for the changing business processes and automation opportunities.

If you considering where to start on your e-invoicing journey, then contact us today for a confidential chat.

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